CFP – Module 6 – Advanced Financial Planning (3 Volumes) including 20 CASE STUDIES updated as on 22-07-2020 as per FPSB


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You can Practice 3 Volumes, out of which first 2 Volumes are prepared for the Challenge Status Path (CSP) to whom the Knowledge of all other 5 Modules will be covered in these 2 Volumes and the Last Volume which is called as Volume 3 Covers 20 CASE STUDIES which are more than enough to get YOUR CFP Crtification. we Prepared AFP Material Strictly according to the FPSB Recently notified Syllabus. This Material was Updated as on 22-07-2020. Tax laws were updated as on 26th, May, 2020 with Recent Assessment Year is 2020-21 and Previous Year is 2019-20 applicable for the CFP Exams now.


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